Monday, September 26, 2011

Rhyme Time is a Fine Time

Sometimes, the reasons I love to homeschool are simple.

It's not  great philosophical or academic reasons
I could spew off a soap box.

I love being with my kids.
 I also love being there for those amazing moments
of growth and enthusiasm when they conquer a new skill.

Imagine if I never saw the worksheet below,
and never had that
moment because this worksheet was completed then shoved
to the bottom of a desk or lost on the bus.

Click to enlarge.
I know ya' really want to read this.

Yes, my daughter discovered the word
rhymes with the word

It's truly moments like these make me
my decision to homeschool.

Teaching is my delight.
I teach with all my might.
My children are outta' sight,
Even when they bite.
I really like to write
But my poetry is  a fright.

Speaking of rhyming,
Write Express offers a free online rhyming dictionary.

There's another one from Ken Nesbitt's
If you're one of those cool, younger moms who
use their thumbs to rule the world,
there's even a free app to download.

Kids love rhyming when it's fun,
and shoving a worksheet in front of them first,
isn't fun.

I like to entice them with a reading from
Jack Prelutsky first.
I blogged that I like to turn their
knee-jerk negative reaction into a knee-slap.
When they learn that poetry and rhyming
can be ridiculously fun,
then you bring on those boring worksheets.

Oh, did I call them boring?

Imagine my excitement when a local writer,
Marty Nystrom, wrote two poetry books,
one for the Old Testament and one for the New Testament.

A versatile writer, you know him best as author of
"As the Deer" and many other contemporary worship songs.

Once while reading this aloud to Rebekah,
she giggled and said, "Mom, he has boys, right?"
Yea, he writes as a Christian, a poet, and a Dad.

Reading silly poetry
and giggling with my little girl,
is just one more reason why
I love homeschooling.


  1. Are all kids just totally obsessed with bodily functions or what? :-) They like to hoot when you toot. HA!

  2. LOL. Kids are so funny! It's great to be able to catch all those funny moments!


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