Saturday, October 3, 2009

School on a "Raft"

One morning, Rebekah decided to do her school on a "raft." In case your family doesn't play this incredibly fun game I used to play with my siblings, the rules are as follows:

1. Make a raft. Usually it is a blanket on the floor.

2. Collect your supplies. You must be well-prepared. This includes snacks...

...sleeping babies.....

....schoolbooks and tea. (in the background.)

3. Stay on the raft. You may not leave the raft once you shove off into the salty ocean waters because there are sharks in the ocean.
It was a good thing we weren't far from shore, yet. Rebekah had to retrieve my forgotten coffee cup so had to jump from the "dock" to the "raft" so she wouldn't get eaten by sharks.
(This is the trump card that the adult holds and the kids don't understand until they are adults. Yes, they are playing a fun, creative game, but they are STAYING IN ONE PLACE. :) Get it?
It can make a mess, so I remind the kids that supplies are limited and you have to live primatively on a raft. We are into survival, not luxery.)

Jon, after courageously braving a shark attack to stoke the fire, decided to stay in the murky waters, despite Beka's urgent warnings.

AAWWWWWWGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! Bitten by a shark.
He'll have to learn to listen to a woman.