Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heart Flashcards

At the beginning of the year, I wanted to make triangle flashcards for Rebekah.
I just used index cards, my paper cutter and a Sharpie.

Simple, easy, kinda ugly.
But, they worked.

Introducing math facts in this form shows the relationship between the numbers.
You can make two addition facts and two subtraction facts.
I introduce addition using the algebraic term "Commutative Property."
Remember a+b=b+a from 9th grade Algebra class?
It doesn't matter what order you add the numbers in addition,
the answer is the same.
If they remember the term, you're eight years ahead. 
If they don't, no biggie.

They can say the facts out loud, or write them down.
You can hold the cards up, covering one corner and ask them to fill in the missing number.
You can have them sort through all the cards and find all the other cards in the 9's Family -
5+4, 7+2, 9+0, 1+8

Then, the inspiration bug bit me.
I love hearts.
They're like a triangle.
I think children learn better when color and touching are involved.
I like to cut and paste.
That was my major, didja' know?

The larger heart is aobut 1 3/4 inches across.
The smaller one is 1 inch across.

I poked a hole through the hearts, pushed in a heart brad.
Used my sharpie to fill in the numbers.
You don't see the answer....

...now you do.

You can write neater.
I have had to give up my perfectionist ways for reality.
If I am a perfectionist, they won't get done.
Then we can't use them.
Then Beka ain't gunna get smarter.

Beka at the IKEA easle writing four math facts for the flashcard.

I found an adorable heart tin at the thrift store for $.99.

Life is good.

I wish I could promise you that she LOVES to use them,
but I am always real and honest.
They are prettier,
they are funner, (it's a word today)
and I had a blast making them.

She doesn't love using them,
 because she doesn't love math.
But, I'm doing what I can to make the journey more pleasant.

Maybe, with a few more bites from the inspiration bug,
she may learn to love math.

It's a goal I am shooting for.

Until then, I'm happy trying to find ways to
cut and paste those facts into her brain.

Any ideas for improving? 
For other skills you can teach with the hearts?
I'd love to hear your ideas.

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pop over to the blog carnival at Preschool Corner.)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Counting By Tens

I was a little frustrated that I couldn't find my 1-100 number chart when I needed it.

I know I had touched it several times earlier in the year when I didn't need it.

I looked in a few obvious places, then gave up.

We made do.

Using a piece of posterboard, I just markered in the first rows of numbers.

As I taught Rebekah how to count by tens, I filled in a few columns.

Then, I had her fill in the rest of the rows.

I was pleasantly surprised that she caught on quickly
and enjoyed being able to use the PERMANENT Magic Marker.

It bothered my type A personality that it wasn't perfectly ordered,
but it worked.  Sometimes my rubber bands are just too tight.

An unorgainzed disappointment turned into a blessing,
because writing out the numbers cemented the concept more quickly
than just reading along with the store-bought chart.

Of course, a few days later  I found the chart in my bedroom,
in a pile that should have been dealt with months ago, 
 so I will use it to reinforce the concept.